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Karatbars Explained in 9 Minutes

To register your FREE KARATBARS GOLD SAVINGS ACCOUNT please click the "REGISTER ACCOUNT" button below.


Do you have a plan to get out of debt in the next 3-5 years?

Have you seen an increase in the cost of everything with no parallel increase in your income?

Is inflation eating away at the purchasing power of your money?

Did you know there is a secure, affordable, reliable way to convert your paper money into inflation-proof gold?

Using a FREE gold savings account you can change paper (fiat) currency into REAL money, into small quantities of high quality 24 karat 999.9 purity gold.

Karatbars International:

  • Private debt-free company started in 2011

  • Stuttgart, Germany – Office open to the public

  • Harald Seiz – Senator BWA (German Overseas Trade Association)

  • Top 2% of German Companies (credit scoring) – CrefoZert Certification

  • 500,000+ accounts in 125 countries

  • Partnerships include FedEx, MasterCard, MotoGP, Real Madrid F.C., Benfica, and more

  • MasterCard debit card for associate payments

KB Gold Stratey 4 Headquarter photo_edit
gols bullion.jpg

Karatbars Gold:

  • From an L.B.M.A. accredited refinery

  • .1 gram to 5 gram weights – affordable (0.1g, 0.2g, 0.4g, 0.6g cash gold) (1g, 2.5g, 5g cards)

  • Karatbars logo embedded in the gold

  • 24 karat 999.9 purity

  • Certificate of authenticity – hologram, serial number

  • Sealed in credit card size durable plastic card

  • Own DNA security feature – fraud proof

  • Delivering without issue since 2011 to 123 countries

  • Free storage or FedEx delivery

Karatbars is for you if want…

  • Legitimate long-term company – Been around since 2011

  • Product you can be proud of – No potions, lotions, powders, or pills

  • Not an MLM - Karatbars is a bonafide e-commerce company

  • Simple steps anyone can follow

  • Freedom from debt

  • More time for yourself

  • Passive residual weekly income

  • Unlimited earning potential

Karatbars Head Office Sign.PNG

To register your FREE KARATBARS GOLD SAVINGS ACCOUNT please click the "REGISTER ACCOUNT" button below.

Karatbars Compensation Plan

Gold savings plan - Save money in gold first. Earn an income and free gold by sharing this savings plan with others.

5 Ways to Get Paid for Free as an Affiliate:

  1. Double Income - Extra income to get started. Affiliates can earn double commissions from direct sale of all products within the 3D product line during their first six weeks.

  2. Direct Commissions - Unilevel Bonus (Personal Referral "box") 0.5%-6% on all products purchased in your organization based on performance of your organization.

  3. Generation Bonus - Bonus for having highly productive members in your organization. 

  4. Karatbars Pool - Tiered pool of profit sharing (each gram of gold saves 0.95 euros divided into 8 separate pools) Higher pool tiers are earned through performance of your organization.

  5. Karatbars Gold Fund - 1% of one-time exchanges are placed into the fund. Qualification comes from 3 lines with at least 9,000 points. ​

Karatbars Compensation
Karatbars Dual Team.png

2 Ways to Get Paid as Part of a Business Package:

  1. Dual Team Affiliate Plan - Two teams: Left/Right pays Team Cycle Bonuses (Cycle Payout Based on Business Package Purchased)

  2. Packages Bonus - Direct Package Bonus for Business Packages purchased by your referrals (Percentage Based on Business Package Purchased)


Monthly Residual Income - Direct Commissions

Weekly Cashflow - Cycle Payouts based on your organizational turnover

Earn gold from your commissions and payouts:


Pending payout of more than €200 will result in automatic purchase of 1 gram of gold.

Pending payout of more than €1,000 will result in automatic purchase of 2 grams of gold.

Pending payout of more than €2,500 will result in automatic purchase of 3 grams of gold.

Pending payout of more than €4,000 will result in automatic purchase of 4 grams of gold.


Get started now by registering your FREE KARATBARS® Affiliate account.

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